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Wedding Catering

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Wedding Catering – When planning a wedding, catering is one of the biggest aspects. Further, catering often takes up most of a wedding budget. With that said, catering should be taken into consideration with thought and care. This is particularly important for a kosher Jewish wedding. 

Kosher wedding catering means specific catering requirements need to be taken into consideration. The decision to cater a Jewish wedding kosher will depend on the couple’s beliefs or their family beliefs. Also, this decision will depend on the dietary requirements and beliefs of those attending the wedding. Even if a few guests keep kosher, accommodating these guests at a Jewish wedding requires specific catering details. The first step in catering a kosher Jewish wedding is deciding if the menu will be dairy or meat. Most importantly, there is much to plan in advance. 

Wedding Catering

Kosher Background

Kosher comes from the Hebrew word that means ‘fit’. With that said, food that is considered kosher is food consider fit for consumption. The Torah and the Talmud specify various rules and requirements to keep kosher. Some are specified directly in the Torah. Others, more vague kosher laws, were filled in by ancient Rabbis. 

What does it mean to be kosher? Kosher goes beyond the basic requirements of separating dairy and meat, and not eating pork. Kashrut is a very intricate and detailed set of dietary rules. For example, plates, knives, and food preparation tools are separated between those used for dairy versus meat dishes. However, when it comes to a kosher restaurant or catering company, typically the establishment is either dairy or meat only. Muscat catering is a kosher dairy restaurant and catering company. 

Not only does the food need to be kosher but the kitchen where the food is prepared needs to be kosher as well. In addition, all prepared food must be prepared with the assistance of a halachic Jew. However, don’t get discourage, ‘assistance’ is defined as simple as turning the oven on. Due to the complexity of the laws of kashrut, there are many Jewish organizations that will certify the kitchen of a company in the business of catering kosher food preparation.

Wedding Catering

Special Note About Wine

At a wedding, there is likely to be wine. Therefore, when it comes to catering a Jewish wedding special kashrut laws in regards to wine require consideration. Kosher laws go back to ancient times and have ancient objectives. To elaborate, thousands of years ago Jews were at risk of mingling with idol worshipers. To drastically reduce this mingling, kashrut specifies that a Jew only drink wine made by a Jew and poured by a Jew. 

Subsequently, this has ramifications on Jewish weddings that plan for kosher catering. However, the laws of kashrut have evolved a bit past ancient times. For example, there is a special type of kosher wine called wine mevushal. The word ‘mevushal’ means cooked in Hebrew. This literally means the wine is cooked. A mevushal wine is a wine that is allowed to be poured by a non-Jew into a Jews wine glass, and everything will still be kosher. 

With that said, there are a few questions to answer. Do you plan to have guests self-pour bottles at each table? Or do you plan on hiring service to pour the glasses for you? Will individuals that keep kosher be sitting at the same table as non-Jews? The answers to these questions will determine if the wedding should be catered with wine mevushal or a non mevushal kosher wine. 

Traditional Jewish Wedding Meal

There are a few traditional aspects to a Jewish wedding meal beyond the meal being kosher. Some of these aspects depend on the background of the bride and groom. However, there are a few that are very common. For example, at a traditional Jewish wedding the bride and groom distribute challah to the guests after it has been blessed. Therefore, plan on catering a Jewish wedding with plenty of challah. There are a number of blessing that occur throughout the meal that need to be coordinated accordingly. Such as, the blessing for the bread, the before meal blessings, after meal blessings and the Seven Blessings. The meal is typically followed by dancing. 

Ashkenazi Jews typically serve a meal of roast chicken with vegetables. Whereas, Sephardic Jews typically cater a Jewish wedding meal with lamb and rice. For a vegetarian option it is recommended to go with a dairy Jewish caterer such as Muscat. 

For the dessert, for a wedding catered with meat the dessert needs to be dairy free, or parve. However, if it is a dairy wedding then the dessert can include dairy. Often the cater of the meal and the dessert are separate. Therefore, wedding planners and caters should keep a keen eye on this aspect when planning a kosher wedding. 

Kosher Wedding versus Kosher Style

For those that don’t want to go strictly by the book of kosher laws there is an alternative to go kosher style with wedding catering. Kosher style uses foods that are commonly associated with Jewish people, this would mean that pork and shellfish will not be included on the menu. Further, the chef will not mix meat with dairy, and parve dishes such as fish will be used. Or, the wedding will serve only dairy, or meat. However, the kitchen where the food is prepared is not necessarily kosher.

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Muscat Catering was established in 2006. It is known as one of the most kosher dairy restaurants in the metropolitan area. Our catered food is certified kosher. Most importantly, your guests will love it. Further, there are many options for catering a kosher Jewish wedding. 

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