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Muscat Kosher Catering is a full-service kosher catering company providing high quality kosher catering.

Muscat Glatt

Serving best Catering Service in Town

Muscat Kosher Catering is a kosher catering company providing high quality kosher catering to all occasions, and any size of group.

Muscat Glatt is able to provide you with a custom menu, suitable to the date, time and type of your event.  We will be able to either cater the food, or provide you with a full-service catering including staff, set up and serving equipment for major events such as weddings and Bar Mitzvahs. 

Muscat Glatt is preparing shabbat meals, based on but not limited to, the Mediterranean cuisine.  Also, Muscat Glatt makes a variety of shabbat dips, such as Matdbucha, Tahini, Roasted Eggplant, and many others. 



A Few Words About Us

Serving Best Bbq And Steaks Since 1984

Muscat Glatt is a second location of Cafe muscat, the most successful kosher dairy restaurant in Queens, NY. 

After establishing our reputation, conquering dairy catering niche, we decided to be  able to provide our customer with any kosher catering needed- meat as well. 

We opened Muscat Glatt in  2019 and was was able to provide our services to hundreds of parties since. We are grateful to be chosen to cater, and go above and beyond to ensure every single event we cater will be unforgettable- for both our customers and their guests. 

Kosher at it finest

Kosher does not mean compromise. The opposite! Kosher means that all food preparations was made with full supervision to ensure strict Jewish law requirements were followed to the letter. 

Fresh Ingredients, Variety of Dishes

Muscat Glatt is using only fresh ingredients, making a variety of dishes suitable to any events –  Brit, Bat Mitzah, Wedding, Shabbat, holidays, Birthday, Anniversary  or any other occasion.

Renowned Chefs

Meet The Taste Experts

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Arthur Lee

Founder / Head Chef

James Lee

Co-Founder / Chef